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Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom Installations Department

All of our operatives take great pride in their work and work to stringent plans ensuring that every customer and client is left totally happy with their project. If any unforeseen problems arise then these are swiftly overcome by our management team liaising directly with the customer or via the client.

Our reputation for our work has led to many customers and clients returning to us numerous times for repeated business, these include property developers, landlords and many others along with three of the largest kitchen, bedroom and bathroom retailers in the United Kingdom.

From start to finish we can be a one stop solution. Everything can be included in one package from the initial plan and design, supply and fit of the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, decoration, electrics, plumbing and gas, we have every trade necessary to build your dream room from start to finish or of course we can simply install a kitchen that you have already purchased elsewhere.


Pre-fit Appointment

We at SGCFM contact the customers to make the arrangements for this important appointment.

Our representative will have the plans of your new kitchen, bedroom or bathroom and carry out the necessary measurements to ensure all is correct. They will also check to ensure if any supplementary works are required before your new kitchen can be installed.

Supplementary Works

This is not required for every new install however, for the ones that do require new works to be carried out be rest assured our representative will advise you of this. At this time they will introduce you to our company policies and quotations which will need to be agreed upon before work commences.


SGCFM help desk will allocate you your approved Installer for the duration of the installation.

Customers will be advised if there will be other qualified staff arriving to carry out plumbing, electrical or gas works. Our friendly teams respect all clients and customers especially while in the customers home. If there are any issues they do report to the management team and any issue that may arise, we will hold the answers.

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Courier & Storage Services 

Our Courier & Storage Service is available to all clients and customers. We offer a great service;

  • On demand or scheduled bookings
  • Have the delivery arrive the same time as the Installer
  • Store your Kitchen, Bedroom or Bathroom right up to the install date

Our teams are fully trained, professional, deliver excellent customer service to all we serve throughout the UK.

Rubbish Clearances

During an installation customers will have a considerable amount of rubbish in sections of their home, we have crews that will attend to collect and clear so no customer endures this no more than necessary. So we offer this fast service to all our clients at a competitive rate where we will book it when it is convenient for the customer, or we organise this to take place on the last day when the installer is on site so all efforts are coordinated across the board.

Project Manager & Customer Service 

From the pre fit – Installation – courier & storage service & rubbish clearances all are co-ordinated effectively from here and there is nothing we cannot overcome with communication & team work.

We ensure the customers receive the highest level of services across the board enabling for them to enjoy their new kitchen, bedroom or bathroom as they are huge investments and one of the biggest decisions a customer will make for their home, so we make sure they have a beautiful finish.

We dedicate our services to clients where everyone is kept up to date with their customer’s installation.

How else can we help?

  • Project management and supervising and coordinating work of contractors
  • Investigating availability and suitability of options for new premises
  • Planning for future development in line with strategic business objectives
  • Liaising with tenants of commercial properties
  • Directing and planning essential central services such as security, maintenance, mail, archiving, cleaning, catering, waste disposal and recycling
  • Ensuring the building meets health and safety requirements
  • Planning best allocation and utilisation of space and resources for new buildings, or re-organising current premises

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